Our Role in Acquiescence

Get ready, folks! The FCC is shaking things up in 2024. The language they’re throwing at us is tangled and decoding it feels like deciphering hieroglyphics after a night of too much caffeine.

So, what’s the lowdown? First off, if you’re diving into the world of text message marketing, you better break out your Sherlock Holmes magnifying glass and hone in on the TPCA regulations. They’re extending DNC protections, and you wouldn’t want to accidentally text someone who’s sworn off your messages like a superhero sidestepping kryptonite.

But hold on, there’s more. Contact has to be “logically and topically associated” with what you told the user when they gave you the green light. Translation: no surprises. It must be crystal clear messaging, front to end.

For all the ping post people out there, brace yourselves. The FCC is playing musical chairs with the term “seller,” now limited to just one player. It’s like a game of telephone, but instead of whispers, it’s regulations getting passed around. So, gear up, marketers – 2024 is the year of decoding the FCC’s messages.